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AmTopp color concentrates provide both stock and custom color masterbatch, with high pigment loading and different carrier resins. We provide carrier resin options of LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, or PP for cast film, blow film, blow molding, injection molding, or extrusion coating applications.

Features FDA & Heavy Metals
bullet Excellent dispersion
bullet Custom color matching
bullet Stability performance
bullet Outstanding processing capability
Inteplast concentrates are manufactured using FDA recognized materials and are not known to contain any hazardous materials as outlined by current OSHA regulations. Our color concentrates are free of heavy metal-based materials.
Markets We Serve Packaging & Storage
bullet Appliances
bullet Household Electronics
bullet Housewares
bullet Films
bullet Wire & Cable
bullet Packaging
bullet Automotive
bullet Sporting Goods
bullet Toys
AmTopp color concentrates are supplied in 1,500 pound plastic lined boxes on pallets. At a maximum room temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, the storage life is six months. Storage at higher temperatures may impair the quality of the masterbatch.
Product List


Description Color Swatch**
B26008M Dark Blue  
B26009M Powder Blue  
B26010M Light Blue  
B26011M Medium Blue  
D26005M Light Grey  
D26006M Dark Grey  
E26005M Medium Buff  
E26006M Kraft  
G26007M Transparent Green  
G26010M Dark Green  
G26011M Jungle Green  
O26004M Orange  
R26004M Red  
R26009M Light Redwood  
Y26007M Medium Yellow  
Y26008M Dark Yellow  
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