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AmTopp fillers and compounds are mainly made with fine, coated calcium carbonate. They are designed to improve the manufacturing process and reduce cost, as well as provide other functional properties.

AmTopp compounds are composed of a wide range of fillers and polymer types that provide mechanical properties. They can be used for a variety of applications.
Features FDA & Heavy Metals
bullet Excellent dispersion
bullet Stability performance
bullet Uniform particle size & dispersion
bullet Good compatibility
Inteplast fillers and compounds are manufactured using FDA recognized materials and are not known to contain any hazardous materials as outlined by current OSHA regulations. Our fillers and compounds are free of heavy metal-based materials.
Market Served Packaging & Storage
bullet Appliances
bullet Household Electronics
bullet Housewares
bullet Building & Construction
bullet Films
bullet Wire & Cable
bullet Packaging
bullet Automotive
bullet Sporting Goods
bullet Toys

AmTopp compounds can be shipped by railcar or truck in either plastic lined boxes or superacks. At a maximum room temperature of 25 degrees Celsius, the storage life is six months. Storage at higher temperatures may impair the quality of the masterbatch.

Product List


Carrier Resin Filler Loading (%) Typical Application Description
N26146A LLDPE 70 Cast and Blown Film General purpose CaCO3 masterbatch
N40057A Homo PP 70 Cast and Blown Film Special made and narrow particle size distribution CaCO3 masterbatch
N40001C Homo PP 20 Injection molding TALC filled PP compound
N40005C Homo PP 20 Injection molding Glass fiber filled PP compound
N40006C Homo PP 30 Injection molding Glass fiber filled PP compound
N42016C CO PP 20 Injection molding CaCO3 filled COPP compound with anti-UV additive
W40003C Homo PP 30 Injection molding Glass fiber and minerals filled PP compound with white pigment and UVI
K40005C Homo PP 40 Thermoforming TALC filled PP compound with black pigment
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