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AmTopp stretch machine film AmTopp stretch machine film is a superior linear low-density stretch film, produced in a wide variety of gauges, thickness and widths. The films can be used on all wrapping systems.

AmTopp stretch machine film provides a low-cost solution to wrap pallets and durable environmental protection for loads. Our multiple layered films possess excellent strength, puncture resistance and stretch performance, as well as clarity and quiet unwind.

Inteplast's stretch machine film is engineered for all general purpose uses and is excellent for stretch bundling applications. Machine stretch film is also available in one-sided cling and differential cling. We have films for high speed equipment and applications that require film to pre-stretch over 250%.


AmTopp LoadStar Plus Engineered Machine Film | EL Series

Inteplast's LoadStar Plus stretch film is a highly engineered multiple-layered film with a superior premium resin formulation. It is produced on AmTopp's state-of-the-art, multi-layer extrusion equipment at its world-class manufacturing facilies in Lolita, TX and Charlotte, NC.
LoadStar Plus performs at unsurpassed stretch levels. It can exceed 300% pre-stretch on A and B load profiles and provides consistent performance at the lowest unit cost.
LoadStar Plus features a 1 Side Cling / 1 Side No Cling skin package. With outstanding strength, puncture resistance and superior load-holding force, LoadStar Plus film handles the toughest loads in any environment.
LoadStar Plus is engineered for optimum performance and total versatility. It is the perfect choice for any semi-automatic to high-speed automatic system. With superb clarity and quiet unwind, this film is ideal for any application.
Unsurpassed pre-stretch levels

Premium metallocene multiple-layered structure

Excellent down-gauge film

Superior load-holding force

1 Side Cling / 1 Side No Cling skin package

Outstanding puncture and tear resistance

Clear optics

Quiet unwind

High tensile strength

Lowest unit cost = Best economic value

Easy and quick release for high speed wrapper

Click here for LoadStar Plus Brochure (PDF)  
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AmTopp APEX Engineered Machine Film | APEX Series

Utilizing a base of leading Metallocene resins, Apex offers savings through superior performance. It is a very machine friendly film that replaces thicker, obsolete films. Apex redefines the industry standard gauge. The AM series features a 1 Side Cling / 1 Side No Cling skin package.
Click here for APEX Brochure (PDF)
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AmTopp X-Treme Machine Film | EH Series

Inteplast's technologically advanced, multiple-layered structured cast film has superior strength and stretch, allowing maximum load-holding force and minimum film usage.
AmTopp X-Treme film features a 1 Side Cling / 1 Side No Cling skin package, making the film ideal for many one-sided cling applications. The film's quiet unwind and clarity makes AmTopp X-Treme stretch film the ideal choice in any automated operation environment.

X-Treme stretch film is a High Performance Plus machine film. Designed for use on high-speed automatic stretch wrapping equipment, the AmTopp X-Treme EH film renders the extra stretch and strength needed in fully automated operations. In addition, the film's high clarity allows bar-code scanning at any stage of handling.

Newest multiple-layered structure

Excellent stretch

High tensile strength

Superior load-holding force

1 Side Cling / 1 Side No Cling skin package

Outstanding puncture resistance

Exceptional tear resistance

Great optical clarity for electronic scanning

Superb economical value

AmTopp X-Treme Machine Film

Click here for Extreme Brochure (PDF)
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AmTopp High-Performance Machine Film is engineered for all general purpose applications. This Inteplast stretch film offers excellent puncture and tear resistance, with high clarity and stretch.
AmTopp High Performance Machine Film performs up to 250% maximum pre-stretch depending on the application. It features an differential cling package, with superior inside and minimal outside cling. This cast, co-extruded film is excellent for use on conventional machinery on all load types, including both hot and cold environments. AmTopp High Performance EP film is also suitable for stretch bundling applications.

Automatic System Warehouse in Lolita, TX

Click here for EP Brochure (PDF)
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AmTopp UVI High-Performance Machine Film | EU Series

EU Series

AmTopp UVI High-Performance Machine Film is designed to inhibit degradation caused by ultraviolet rays on product loads. AmTopp UVI High-Performance Machine Film can be used for mulch, brick and other industry products that are stored outdoors.
Inteplast also offers colored stretch film. Please contact us for inventory availability.
Click here for EU Brochure (PDF)
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